AC controls don't light up. How do I replace the bulb?

Hey Guys,

My AC controls don’t light up. I think I should be able to just replace the bulb behind them and fix it. Could someone help give me a tip as to how to replace it , and what size bulb is it?


  • Tom

What’s not lighting up, the illumination, [the 2 bulbs that turn on when you turn on the lights] if so I think you have to remove the control unit, and to get to it you have to remove instrument cluster bezel, knee bolster, pass side lower dash trim, console and the radio, then you can get at the things you need to to get the control unit out, [4 screws under instrument cluster bezel and the control cables] control cables can’t be disconnected at the climat control unit. :whisper:94

Does the unit work in the first place? I have the same problem with mine. I read that it’s a lot work to do. Plastic parts can crack or brake. Be carfull thou.