AC Expansion Valve Help

It seems as though the final piece to making my AC system fully functional again is to replace the expansion valve. The douchebag at the garage wants to get 4 hours of labor at 60 bucks an hour. So, needless to say he is not getting my buisness. I have seached and found nothing about good pointers concerning replacement of the valve. For those of you who have done this, please tell me anything important that I should know before I get into this. I have evacuated my system again and have a manual to follow. I know there is always stuff that you guys know that the manuals forget to mention. All advice is much appreciated.
Also, should I just replace the evaporator while in there? Any good websites for recomended parts. Thanks alot!

I may have the wrong part in my head, but I think the expansion valve is under the dash on the passenger side. When I replaced mine, I took out the glove box, and you have to undo the nut closest to the firewall (near the fuel filter) and take that out (use new o-rings there)…it’s a pain in the ass to get out, but not too bad if you take your time. It’s inside the black box next to the blower motor assemble.
Good luck

yes the expansion valve is under the dash, and is attached to the evaporator. I would remove all the lower paneling, the knee braces, and the glove box.