ac/heater not working

when i turn on the heater to number 1 or 2 nothing happens
but when i turn it to number three everythings fine
when i turn the knob on for ac to number one or two the blue light comes on but it doesnt blow cold air
it only works when its on number three
does anyone know what the problem might be?
thanks in advance

bad switch?

if you know someone else with a G2, try swapping the switches. shouldn’t be that hard.

it is not the switch! it is the resistor on the blower motor box behind the glove box. Do a search ! I explaind how to fix this about a week ago!

Here it is.
I would say that prettyboy is probably right the resistor breaks (very common problem). It is on the blower housing behind the glove box. You will have to remove the glovebox assy to get to it. It is the black thing on the right with the cream plug with blue wires sticking out. unhook the harness remove the two screws. Once you pull it out you can tell if it is bad. If any of the coils are broken it is bad.

Neil please Archive this!!!

Well, I thought about the resistor but when mine was bad, the air came out the same on all three settings. Since his doesn’t come out at all on 1 and 2 I thought it must be a different problem. It could be the resistor, though.

You can check the resistor by taking it out and checking for continuity between the 2 and 4 terminals.

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If there is NO continuity than the resistor IS bad. If there IS continuity than it’s either a break in the wiring somewhere or the switch is bad.


thanks for the help guys ill check my resister
does anyone know how much this part is from the dealer?
part number?

ok i took out my resister today and found one of the coils was fried
i called the dealer and they said the part was forty bucks and i had to wait two days
i also have access to a used resistor from a 92 gsr
my question is should i save forty bucks and put the used one in my car for now or should i wait two days and pay $40 for a new one?