Accel Kool Blue Drop in filter

I might be a little dumb here, but I have searched the site and was not able to find what I was looking for.

I recently ordered the Accel Kool Blue drop in filter for my 93 LS Integra. The part number is KP2641, and according to Accel it cross references to K&N part number 33-2028. The K&N part number is the one that comes up in K&Ns own application guide.

Here in this picture you can see the problem. :mad:

Is the K&N actually the same shape as this Kool Blue one? Has anyone else had this problem?

no, the K&N is the same shape as stock. They sent you the wrong filter.

I’m a little curious though – why did you pick the cool blue over the K&N? Was it cheaper?

I just think it’s kinda funny that they call it “kool blue” as if it’s the main selling point, and yet… no one ever sees it (unless it’s a cone-style)

I had done a little research and from what I had found the Accel was suppose to have very simular flow to the K&N while flitering better (2.8 microns). I had decided months ago to go with the Accel, but now that I ordered it, I don’t remember how well the K&N actually filters.

Also when I was doing my research, the K&N was $50 and the Accel was only $32.

So… Same flow, better filtration, and less cost!

Little did I realize I would get the wrong part.

i dont know if u can wash out ur kn’s but i heard accel’s can be washed and used for life,

Yes, both can be washed and reused. I have had K&N filters in many vehicles over the years. The key is that you have to re-oil them after you wash them or they won’t work very well.