ok some girl scratched up my rear 90 ls bumper. Its not a big deal, just need to repaint whole bumper. But everywhere i go they say i might as well get a new rear bumper cover :wink: . I was thinking it wasnt gonna cost more than $120 to repaint bumper, but everywhere i go the give me estimates for like $380,$460, and one for $800 (they would replace the fenders,bumper,paint and other stuff). I was happy as hell cuz i dont have to pay for it. Shoudnt i go just go with an aftermarket bumper? The only problem is i would just get the rear bumper.

If i go with this setup, do u guys think it will look stupid w/ just rear aftermarkt bumper? And i dont have money for whole kit.

What do i do?


get the 92-93 rear bumper, its less noticeable to the untrained eye. except to a g2ic’er but i think they look good with the rear skirt of a 92 or 93 they have an extra little lip! go for that:up:

Did u handle it with insurance? If not, Id just collect the money from her in cash because I know she doesnt want her insurance to go up as well. Depending on how much of an eyesore the damage is, u can leave the bumper the way it is and save up more money for a kit if thats what u really want, otherwise, if u wanna keep the stock look, just get it repainted…besides getting a whole kit is cheaper than just piecing one together if ur getting them new.


yeah thats what i probably was gonna do, just keep the money. it isnt bad at all, just needs touch up paint.


my insurance will go up even tho the bitch hit me???
Thats why my mom doesnt want to call the insurance.
i hate ppl that cant drive


Dont tell your insuance company you want to tell hers!

She did the damage!

I wouldnt mess take her the repair quots you got and let her decide
A. if she wants to pay the ammount of the cheepset quot to you
B. or pay the shop your taking it to
C. or you can take it to her insurance company.

Dont put your self over a barel if for any reason you dont think she will pay screw it and call her insurance company.

I know the scenario becouse i recently had to go though this,. but i was on her end and had to make the decision. They showed me a $600 quot. Less than $1k and my rate wont change so i said to let progressive handle it.
abought a week later progressive tells me they had to pay a $1035 clam from these people. So i got scruwed by my insurance company (after the math on my rate increase multiplied by the 5 years) for just over $2300…
End of rant.