accord side skirts

are the accord sideskirts flat like the DC or do they have a curve in them like the ek’s? Every pic I’ve seen isn’t that clear. anyone with an accord lmk

what year accord

sorry 94-97

NICE looking 4-door!

REXONE, do u have a pic where the skirt and mud flap meet and how did u make the skirt fit the mud flap

He mentioned on another thread that the front mud guards are from the same Accord model that the skirts came from.

Nice one by the way Rexone. I pulled the same skirts from the junkyard but haven’t had the time to put them on my GSR. Will probably do that when it’s warm again. Your black rims gave me ideas…

thanks for the comments guys.

yeah i used accord mudflaps just to see. our stock DA mudflaps will not work. i mean you have to do some serious gutting out or chopping to make them fit.

all i know is we did not cut out the bottom of the accord skirt at all. we were able to line up 2 mudflap holes to the fender and front of the skirt (make sure not to cut the front part). the 3rd hole my friend just tap screwed it. from there we cut out like 3-4 inches from the rear part of the skirt and trimmed the top so that it could fit in the doorjams.

i’ll try to take some pics tomorrow

Rex, if you first mounted the front of the skirt to the rear edge of the front fender well, covered that with the mudflap and trimmed the excess from the rear of the skirt, did you bother to cover the trimmed rear of the skirt with what used to be on the end of the trimmed portion of the skirt? What I was thinking was the reverse: mount the rear end of the skirt to the front edge of the rear fender well, trim the excess from the front of the skirt and cover that open portion with the mudflap. No need to cover the trimmed end of the skirt since it would be covered by the mudflap. The only thing with this process is that the “fairings” on the rear part of the skirt would be longer than what you have in your pics. Don’t know if that would look good though. The other thing is what did you use to mount the trimmed edge of the tops (right under the doorjambs) to the rocker panel - industrial strength double-sided tape?

we were thinking that as well, about cutting the front, but my friend was more concerned with making sure it didnt fall off. as far as the rear we left it open. yeah i know it doesnt look right to everyone but its cool with me. my friend told me that he was gonna trim the end and epoxy it back to the rear of the skirt, but i told him he didnt have to. as far as mounting it he tapped screwed into the doorjams.

how do the skirts come off the accord? is it just a couple of screws?

If I remember correctly, you unscrew the screws that hold the front and rear ends of the skirt to the front and rear fender wells. There are some screws as well that connect the underside of the skirt to the car running board. Once these have been done, you slide the skirt either to the front or the rear (not sure) and this disengages the skirt brackets from the clips which are mounted on the door sills.

those are def ek sides

caboose- these are 94-97 accord sideskirts. i got these at the junkyard. the accords and civic sides are very similar. the difference is the front part of the skirt. the civics curve out a little bit and the accords are straight.

Does your sideskirts, rub the door? It doesnt seem there is enoguh room for them to clear. Nice car by the way.

when i did rexones sideskirts i decided to cut the rear instead of the front because i could use a screwe to hold the back up in the rear doorjamb since the distance from the door and rear fender was only an inch or so. if i were to cut the front of the skirt the mudflap would also only be attached with one screw. the open part on the rear isnt even noticable and the clearance betwwen the door and skirt are finr there is no rubbing.

damn that looks nice i been looking for a set of those accord mudflaps to fit my ek sideskirts my car is too low to retrofit the oem da ones i would have to cut them like halfway off but bump for u

trying this as well on my 2 dr DA, it’s looking pretty rough…i have some 94 accord sides and my main problem is how to cut where the skirts meet the door jams and underneath where the actual pinch weld underneath the car…