Ack! My Shift Linkage!

Snapped this linkage on my way to the dentist…totally just snapped, so since my cars in the shop heres my newest installment to my teggie…

Dropping in the 1997 B18B motor w/ 120 shots NOS crower built motor…it can handle it

Replace both half-shafts in front

and replace the ShiftLinkage.,…


120shot…your crazy, but its all good.


Thats a lot of sqeeze huh? It’s ok, my engine is meant to handle it, instead of the Stainless Steel Valves, My father and I went half and half on some Titanium Valves…those were a grip…$1,026 to be exact…so they aint melting down anytime soon

And the drive train is meant to handle up to 8500 RPM, so I think imma knock out my REV limiter so I can hang with the Type-Rs all the way to their RED line, they have VTEC and I got N20~

You are insane. Will you take me for a ride?:smiley:



No Sweat Steve…If my car lasts that long…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well good luck on it lasting! Youll need it.


I put about $1200 on parts into this 1997 B18B motor, I hardly think that it wont last long…

I got it all, basically Crower Built…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, lay it on us. What kinda pistons do you have in there? What kinda piston rings do you have?


Heres the scoop…

1997 B18B motor
1993 JDM Ys1 Tranny - XSI
*Crower Cams #62405A
*Crower Hi-Pressure Dual Race Springs
*Crower Titanium Retainers
*Crower Intake/Exhaust Stainless Steel Valves
*Crower Steel Billet Connecting Rods #B93728
*JE high compression pistons (C.R. 10.2.1)
*5 Angle Valve Job by Nino from Variance
*Bottom Block Rehoned, Balanced & Blueprinted by L-4 Racing
*Head port matched to the Intake Manifold by Nino from Variance
*ARP Head Bolts
*NuFormz BlockGuard
*2000 GS-R Oil Pump
*2000 GS-R Fuel Pump
*2001 Type-R Throttle Body (64mm)
*C’s Short Shifter Kit
*ACT Extreme Pressure Plate
*Nippon Racing Disc
*14 Lbd Flywheel (shaved)
*DC (DAC Intake) Short Ram
*DC 4-2-1 Headers (2 piece)
*MSD 6AL1 Ignition Box
*MSD Blaster 2 Coil
*Magnecore 9.5mm Spark Plug Wires
*Zex Anti-Detonation Spark Plugs
*NOS Direct Port Nitrous Kit (85, 90, 120 Jets)
*NOS Bottle Heater / Blanket
*NOS Remote Bottle Opener
*NOS Solenoid (Good to 200 Shot)
*NOS Purge Kit
*Trust Racing Exhaust



Cars that Have Fallen to this Mighty Setup :

1996 Honda Civic Hatch with a B20/VTEC
2000 Ford Focuz modded up
1995 Honda Civic Coupe (says stock, but didn’t sound like it)

jeez. Id say so!