Acura Brochures

i think this is the right forum since they are kinda like Articles but anyway if it isnt move it to where it needs to be possibly archive it later when i get it all up

here in the past week I have been bought 3 different Brochures all of which have the G2teg in them, and also talk a little bit about the Formula 1 race team and about the awards they have won from JD Power(1st for 4 years straight) and Car & Driver “Ten Best” List twice for the for the 87 & 88 integras.

i have a special Promotional one that came out in late 89’ that features the 1990 Legend(last year of the 1st gen i beleive) and the 1990 Integra

the Second is the 1991 Acura All Line Brochure that you can get at any of the acura Dealerships at that time, it features the Legend, NSX, and Integra and this one is actually from Canada and it actually says in it that Acura first introduced there line in 87 there instead of 86 like here in the States so that is kinda interesting

the 3rd one is still in the mail but it is supposed to be a 32page 12"x12"
brochure just on the 1992 Integra

I will try and get them scanned soon cause they have the Specifications pages in there with all kinds of info about them. but the 89’ Legend/Integra one is 10"x14" and i am not sure if i can scan it but i will try

Do you have AIM or anything? I’m already working on a new page that will have more in-depth specs. I want to add them to the specs page.

I have YIM my sn on there is da9tegra

I am going to try and get the 2 i have right now scanned tommorow the 3rd should come sometime early next week. but i will let ya know if i get them done tommorow.

here is the 1st scan. it is the Canadian 1991 Acura All Line Brochure

I have got somewhere in my garage the 1990 integra brochure ill see if i can fine it and get it up on here

I won’t be posting the images on the specs page, I’ll be converting everything to text :stuck_out_tongue:

engine cutout of a b18a1