Acura head compatability Question

Can I put the head off a '93-'96 PRELUDE Si DOHC 16V V-TEC(190

HP) 2.2L- H22A1-2157cc motor_ on my 92-'93 INTEGRA DOHC16V

(130 HP) 1.8L -B18A1-1834cc-motor_…or… Can I put the

head off a 97-'99 INTEGRA TYPE-R DOHC-16V V-TEC(190 HP) 1.8L

B18C5 1797cc-motor…on my 92-'93 INTEGRA DOHC

1.8L -B18A1-motor…If these dont work together

can anybody recommend a head that put a little more kick in my

'93-INTEGRA-DOHC-1.8L-- B18A1-motor

You cant put a H series head on a B series motor. You can put the ITR C5 head on your B18A with some machine work for the oil passages. You will be putting together the well known LS/VTEC. Run a :search: for LS/VTEC

Hope that helps :smiley: