Acura to Honda Center Cap Steering Wheel

This is to complete the OEM look if you had replaced all the badges on the outside from Acura to Honda. In Japan, the center of the sterring wheel says INTEGRA instead of ACURA. If you haven’t changed your steering wheel yet, and want it to say Honda, you can go buy a center cap from a Honda (tire) wheel with the same size. I believe it is about 2.5 inches or 3 inches round. I used a wheel center cap from a 98 accord ex. All you have to do it use a flat head screw driver and take out the old center. Then trim and place the center cap in. Paint it to match your steering wheel and that’s it! No more Acura, all Honda. I’ll post pictures soon of my finish project. :cool:

arent the “integra” steering wheel caps still available? i know i got mine from some online store and it came brand new from honda in japan.

Hm that’s interesting, I’d like to see those pictures as well. Of course this will only work on stock 92-93 Teg steering wheels since the 90-91’s are a rounded off square shape.

Yup, the “integra” center is still avaliable, but I like to look at an “H”. I was considering buying an “integra” center, but opted for the “H”. Either way, it’s very nice. And yeah, sorry 90-91 guys, it only works on the 92 and 93 :sad: Thanks guys for clearing things up!


Yeah the 90-91 is hard as shit to find too. I have the 92-93 one, i got it free with my headlights. And a set of JDM 91-92 bumper lights. :think: Stupid things are exactly the same. lol.


bump for some pics

spray painted it black on the outside and red for the H. I carefully taped it and then spray painted the H…but you can probably pick up Dupli-Color’s paint pen (you can get it at any auto store or Wal-Mart) and use that. Enjoy!

I got mine brand new about 2 years ago. For a 93 that is. Says integra on it with a defferent little horn thingy.

Ill take a pic when i get my car back on monday.

wrong thing nevermind