adjusting ground controls?

was i supposed to get some kind of wrench to help with adjusting the height setting of the ground controls? i recieved an allen wrench but nothing else and i was just thinking it looks like it would be really difficult to adjust these things by hand.

Yea, don’t believe those ads back in the day where the guy who looked like eminem was just adjusting the ground controls by hand. Once dirt and other crap gets on the threads it’s just about impossible to do. I did find that the Skunk2 adjustable wrenches work on the Ground Control’s. So I ended up just buying them from Skunk2 to adjust the height.

but should i be fine just using my hand first or will it be next to impossible?

If its the first time and the threads are clean then yes you can use your hands.

call up ground-control and ask them for a spanner wrench, they should send you one for free. atleast they did for me and a couple of people on here.

yea i was gonna call them tomorrow and see if they had anything like that. thanks.