advanced timing and octane rating?

I always heard from you guys that with advanced timing, the use of a higher octane rating was a must. Well, since the gas prices are going up and up each days, I was wondering if I could use some 87 instead of my regular 89 or 91… (used to be 91 but I switched to 89 since it’s quite expensive)

My timing is at 17 degrees… stock is 16 +/- 2… I’m assuming i’d be ok but I just wanna hear it from you! :slight_smile:

Should I stick with the 89 or go with 87?

I would think you’d be fine. At least until the summer. Even then you might be fine, but I wouldn’t race on it :slight_smile:

i was thinking of advancing the timing from 16- 18 have you guys notice a diff

im at 17.5 or so and use 89. 87 arco just seemed like crap (no audible pinging tho) and 91 didnt seem to do better. now that you mention gas prices i might just go back to stock and 87. ah who knows