Advice on motor fix-up

Ok, so i have my motor from my 1991 4 door automatic integra LS and i would like to drop it into my 1993 2 door manual Integra LS. The motor is already out of the vehicle since i am parting it out (ad is here), and i figure i should replace a good variety of items without getting into the interior engine items before dropping it in. I have an idea on what to replace but would like some input especially from ppl who may have done the same or similar. I figure since the 93 is obd1 that i will have to use that motors distributor and should use the intake manifold and that exhaust system as well. Anything else I should use from that motor too?

As far as “fixing it up” a little i was planning on replacing the fallowing before dropping it in the '93:

  • Timing Belt
  • Timing Belt Tensioner (Maybe?)
  • Alternator Belt
  • A/C Belt (Since the A/C works)
  • Power Steering Belt
  • Water Pump
  • Valve Cover Gasket & Tube Seals
  • Cam Seal
  • Distributor O-Ring
  • Oil Pan & Gasket (Since drain plug hole is stripping and slowly leaks)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Injector O-Rings
  • Thermostat & Gasket
  • Coolant Hoses (Upper & Lower)
  • Fan Switch
  • Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    …and any other hoses and/or clamps which may NEED replacing.

Since i would be bolting up the manual trans from the '93 I figure might as well replace the clutch kit as well as both axle seals and replace the trans fluid too.

The '91 motor has had one owner except me and has been taken care of all it’s life. I know the previous owner personally and know it’s always had the oil change done around 3k and other maintenance has been done; this is why I don’t feel i really need to do internal engine work at least for right now, especially since i can’t really afford that kind of work. Is there anything else that I should consider replacing/looking over while the motor is out before dropping this one in?

Thank you in advance for any help and/or advice.

i would add piston rings and bearings. why do all the other stuff without addressing those.

get a b18 superkit from fjdistributors. it includes piston rings and bearings and its pretty much affordable.

Swap all components that bolt onto the 93 block, onto the 91. That would include intake/exhaust manifolds, injectors, distributor, and all sensors etc… Many will most likely work from the 91, but it would suck to drop in & find out a connector is different with the motor inside. Definetly change the timing belt tensioner and add onto the list the front main seal and rear main seal.Also, by cam seals, I’m assuming you mean the seals that go on the cams on the timing belt side, if not then add those on as well. I know I’ve had the dealership give me the plug on the distributor side when I asked for cam seals, I guess that’s what some people call it I dunno.

Thank you for your replies, it gave me some thoughts.

eddcartes: is this the kit ur talking about? If so would I have to get my head and block reserfaced and my sleeves bored out for the new pistons and rings?

yea definitely do main seals if you have the motor out…way easier that doing them in the car.