Advice on Theft Damage

Here’s the damage caused 2 nights ago to my car by what must be, the DUMBEST car thief in the world. The car didn’t even have a stereo in it so I know he was trying to steal it. Who makes a car unsellable before he even steals it? lol I mean, yank the window, stick your arm in and away you go…No, but not this guy. He decided to dig his way through the door until he reached the inside I guess…Here’s the damage


Yes…Both doors. :bang:

How should I repair this? I’m pretty good at shaping and sanding but I’m unsure how to go about fixing this considering bondo isnt going to fix that kinda damage. Fiberglass? Marine Epoxy? Have it plated/welded first?

Thanks for looking. This car is my second teg and only 6 weeks old…Was mint before this happened. :mad:

That sucks. Thieves make me so mad… Your going to have to replace both handles so I would remove those ones before attempting to fix the damage to the door. With the old handles out of the way, you’ll have much more room to work on building up that shape. I personally would use kitty hair (fiberglass) to build up most of the height and then use bondo. The less bondo you use the better though. Other people might have different advice but I’ve found kitty hair to be pretty damn strong. Good luck man.

That shit sucks same thing happened to me but only on one door.

edited. maybe u can just find another door from a g2 thats being parted out? i’d say thats the easiest.

Well Squeeze, I just so happen to have a doner car sitting 4 feet behind it. :slight_smile:

I just didnt know wether to swap the doors or just repair these ones. It looks like its a big PITA either way and was still debating so…its funny you should ask.

The doner doors have the usual dings in them, but thats a lot easier for me to pull/fill, instead of having to countour some crazy door thingy. The problem is the damn things are blue, and I would have to paint both entire doors instead of just the top panal on the outside. (Damn I wish i had a shop)

So I can either fix the damage and paint 1 panal (well 2) or…Patch this with black tape and live with it until I scrap the doner car fully, then grab the blue doors, take everything off of them and prep/paint em up.

Which would you guys say is easier?

This whole thing sucks big time, but I have to say…Not having a car at all the next day would have been worse. So I’m thankful for that at least.

Thanks for the help/advice…

either way u’d have to do some painting. personally i’d just rip off the donor door take the panel off it if there is one, and paint the exterior n interior of it. then slap it on. bcuz u know filling it bondo or anything will not be what u want.

i think a good enough body shop can repair that. i dunno if using the nail gun would be fruitful but thats what first comes to mind when i see the damage. use the nail gun then pull out the damaged part. if not possible, i’d take the door skin off and repair it that way. either way slap on the donor door then keep the damaged door for a rainy day cuz u could just get it repaired later.

Yeah I just went to a bodyshop and the guy said all i have to do is weld the crack, level it out best i can and bondo it.

Thanks guys, I’ll take pics when I do it.