AEM CAI installation...

Hello, I’m a little new to the board, just registered but I’ve been reading for a while now. I recently purchased a used AEM CAI off of eBay, however it did not come with installation instructions. I was wondering if anyone might have these, and if they would be willing to post them or email them to me. The car’s a 91 LS, & here’s a link to the auction, in case it helps:

I noticed on the intake that there are no holes for the vacuum hoses. Is this common for older versions of the intake? If so, what should I do with the hoses?
Thanks in advance for your help.

hrm… only 1 tube for hose… usuaulyl ahve two… I duno… but the easiest way is to jack the front passenger side up. take off front passegner side wheel and take off the entire inner fender liner, that way you’ll ahve total access to where the pipe coems thru and where the filter sits. it’s all pretty basic from there as to where to put what. :stuck_out_tongue: just don’t put it in the wrong hole. ;):rofl:

u said there arent any vacuum holes? that maybe a problem. i had one and it was for the hose that goes to the valve cover.
there should be 3 hoses that go to the intake (on a 90 ls) and i have only one going into the intake the other 2 just standing there. the car drives fine but there is a vacuum leak and that will cause ur idle to drop a little when coming to a redlight. i dont wanna keep it like that for long so i might drill holes for the hoses.

ur gonna hope u have ur resonator off. that thing is a bitch to take off. u can go through the wheel well stuff, bu i chose not to cuz that is the sole thing blcking the intake from dirt,grime,and water. so i took off the bumper to get to it. make sure u have someone to help u

everything thing else should be a snap.

p.s. watch out for the bracket on the intake. i wasnt paying attention and the bracket touched the + tterminal on the battery. u can guess what happened.

good luck and dont forget to:


Well, I have the one for the valve cover, but the other 2 holes are nowhere to be found. A 91’s setup is basically the same as a 90’s as far as I know, so it’s good to know that it doesn’t really affect the engine.
I’m a little confused, however, about removing the resonator via the wheel well. Do you mean that the wheel well liner is the sole protection for the intake? If so, I was planning on reinstalling it after I was done.:think:

ya I meant take off the wheel well liner to install it then put it back on afterwards…