AEM cam gears

I just got my integra type r camshafts put in my car, I also have aem adjustable cam gears. Right now both cams are advanced to 2 degrees, i was wondering where i should adjust them at. I have a b16a, and it lacks low end power, so i was thinking of possibly retarding the gears so maybe i will get better low end power. Can anyone tell me where i should set the cam gears at?

I have heard some people say to keep them at 0,0 untill you can dyno tune them.

I have heard others say -1, +1 and many other combinations which you could try and hope your butt dyno don’t lie to ya, lol Grats on the ITR cams!! Good Luck

Thanks for the reply, i love the ITRs i just need some better low end power, i migh go dyno tune it but that can get expensive, so i think i might leave the gears at zero. But if i want more low end shouldnt I retard the gears?

get some toda, spoon, or JG cam gears, the AEM’s slip over time.