aem pads dusting improperly

hey guys, well i got aem brake pads put on in the front and back a few months ago. My rear pads are dusting perfectly fine but my front pads are dusting black like my old pads. Any ideas guys what could be causing this? I know one thing could be that caliper is stuck but im looking for other opinions to see if anyone has run into this problem before. Thanks for the help guys.

I haven’t noticed that my front AEM pads have a lot of dust, but it could just be a difference of oppinion on how much a lot of dust is.
Are you saying that the caliper IS stuck, or that you think that might be the problem? If it IS then get it fixed, then start to look for uneven pad wear.

Since I’m already talking about the AEM pads, I would like to say that I think they suck big time. I am very disappointed with them, I think the NAPA brand $12 pads I had on the car before had less fading than these damn things.

my AEM fronts dust way more than my AEM rears.
It’s completely normal. been using these for 2 yrs already. no braking problems whatsoever except for the said fading feeling after constant abuse.