AFR issue with Turboedit 3.2.2

I recently finished up building my turbo project and am in the process of trying to get it tuned.
Prior to driving the car to the dyno, I ordered a basemap online from a reputable Honda tuner from the Honda community.
The basemap works great and I can get around from A to B without any problems at all.
As I’m a bit scared to wreck anything I decided to hire a tuner with dyno to fine tune my setup and get the boost levels up.
The issue that he had was the AFR would spike really high with a 3% adjustment to the fuel table.

Here is the graph with the 3% adjustment:

Here is the graph of the basemap:

My tuner doesn’t think it’s a mechanical issue as it should do the same thing on the original basemap if it was. As my tuner hasn’t tuned with Turboedit in some time and isn’t familiar with the latest version. He said the biggest difference he noticed is that it has realtime emulation so he hooked it up with Ostrich. Aside from this are there any tricks or tips that might help fix this issue?

Here is a quick description of my setup for the basemap (not sure if this matters):
B18 non-vtec
450cc injectors
2.5 bar Morotorla map sensor
T3 turbo on approximately 5-7 lbs boost
Built bottom end with stock compression with forged pistons.

Software :
Turboedit 3.2.2.
Ostrich (not sure if 1 or 2)

Any help would be appreciated.