After Accident Suspension Damage/Opinions Needed

After the accident I noticed some negative camber the wheel looks all pushed slanted ,I took off the wheel and I have a bent fork, and its right up against the a arm which looks like it got grinded on(just a little bit no real major damage just scratches), Since this happened what do you guys think I should do,

Ok, I decided what Im going to do, I need to replace the front shocks and struts what do you guys think, just get cheapies or get some decent fronts with struts like tokico

And how do you fix the sagging rear with the eg/dc susp. swap


^^^ Edited my post I really need this car running asap thanks

If your replacing the shocks you should do all 4 at the same time, if at all possible. If not just stick with the stock shocks for replacements, unless you can get good ones for the rears later :D.

Poor tegra, :sad: good thing you werent hurt though!

I have heard that gen2 tegs with the eg/dc shocks sag in the rear is this true?