After driving a while, car starts to chug heavily.

I will try to explain this as best as I can. It doesn’t do this all the time, just sometimes. If I drive long distances, after a while, I will start to feel the car chug. If I put my foot on the gas, it starts chugging harder and cutting out. If I push in the clutch and rev it up, it revs smoothly. Let the clutch out, and it chugs again. Most times I have to pull over and turn the car off to reset something (ECU?) And then I can start and drive it without it chugging for a while longer. Again, not everytime, but enough to be a pain in the rumpus. Also, if I let the car slow down on it’s own, like take my foot off the gas and leave it in gear, letting it slow it self down, eventually the check engine light comes on as the car is slowing. It too stops when I turn the car off and back on.

I have a B16 swap w/Vtec ECU. (I’ll have to look and see what the # is) I was thinking O2 Sensor maybe?:think: If I have to replace it, which one do I buy? It has one wire. I think 2 wires come from the car.

Anyone even have a clue?

Sounds like fuel or ignition problems.
Fouled plugs maybe?

Check the code and get back to us. I don’t think just an O2 sensor would cause the engine to do that.

fuel filter maybe???

this may sound off, but i had almost the exact problem and i thoguht it was ignition or fuel, i checked everything and it wasnt either. it was going nuts, but what i tried next was replacing the dist. cap and rotor!. it worked 100%, the lil set screw somehow came out of the rotor, te rotor was wobbly and peeled back 2 points so it hardly made a spark too, its an easy try and cheap

let me know