After installation of 1pcs, taillights problem

Hi everybody.
I noticed since I installed my 1pc headlights, I started to have problems with my taillights. When I turn on my lights, the taillights and the corners dont work. Only after a few minutes of playing with hi beams and turning on and off the car they start to work. What could be the problem? This is a Canadian modification with daylight running lights and it happeneds from time to time. Thank you.

the problem is with your DRL relay… same thing happened to me… only the beams came on, every other lights were off, try disconnecting the lower connector on the DRL relay, it’s located in the passenger kick panel.

Can you please try to explain in more details where and how I should do it. Also, if you could explain why this is happening. Thank you. I am looking forward to your reply because this is really starts to bother me.

Why it is doing it, I don’t have any ideas, the problem probably lies into the DRL relay… Probably the same problem as the Main Fuel Relay, internal connections getting old due to a lot of heat in the cabin.

If you don’t mind having the E-brake warning light off, simply remove the lower connector on the DRL relay, as I said. The relay is on the passenger side under the kick panel(the same place as the fuse box, but on the passenger side) simply remove the plastic cover and you’ll see the relay there. There is a metal clip fastening the panel to the car, so simply pull on the panel and it should come right out. If you wanna keep your E-brake warning light, you can simply cut a wire, If I remember correctly, it’s the black/yellow wire, the one at the bottom of the lower connector. That’s what I did, no more DRL’s and the E-brake light is still working. I also did it to member McExtra teg and he’s happy!

If ya got more questions, feel free to ask!