aftermarket b20 pistons

I’m looking for a good site to get some info on pricing and the quality of different pistons for the b20. Also what do you guys recommend? Endyn? JE? I don’t even know what companies make pistons for the b20 so any help would be appreciated.

Whitey… I have JE in mine about 10.0:1. If you need the specs I can get them. Otherwise you can call JE they should have them on file.


I’m really no turbo whiz but I know that lower compression is better for turbos in general. So I’m sort of confused as to why you got higher compression pistons when you knew you were gonna go turbo. I bet you’ve been asked this before so sorry for the repetitiveness(is that a word?). Thanks for the info. Is this info on the JE website or are your pistons custom? I don’t really wanna call them because I want to gather more info before I start bothering people. Thanks again.

First of all repetitiveness is indeed a word!:smiley: I was checking sites like and even they are changing their thinking re: compression. They are leaning towards mid 9s now so you won’t have the weakness when you are not boosting. JE is a company that would like to sell their products and, frankly, I would not buy from a company who was not very helpful when it comes to providing information. Yes, I think my (custom) compression may be a tad high but when I get my car tuned and Dynoed on boost I will post the results and you can judge for your self.

Good luck,