aftermarket exhaust size

So between the tanabe touring and greddy ti-c catback does anyone happen to know the piping size of either or?
Any info is appreciated

Pretty sure that the tanabe medalion touring has a pipe diameter of 60mm with a 100 mm tip. Using the old google it says that 60mm = 2.3622 inches

I thought 60mm = 2.33"? Either way it’s only .03" difference lol

But yes most any aftermarket system for our car is only 2.3". If you want a true 2.5 or 3" you have to go KTeller or do a custom system.

My old Medalion Touring and my current HKS Hi Power both have 60mm piping. Id love to get ahold of a Ti-C but its no longer produced.

Awesome yeah just found out about the greddy being discontinued… I like the tanabe for the more low tone… also im running a b16b and was wondering if thats a adequate size exhaust? Because my current skunk2 is also 2.3" ?

On an all-motor build the power difference between a 2.3" and 2.5", after dyno tuned, would be maybe 2-3hp across the poweband.

If it was on a bigger motor 2Liter or 6cyl, etc, the difference would be bigger obviously… especially if boosted.