aftermarket foglights for 90-91 bumper?

I was wondering if there were any aftermarket foglights that fit flush into the 90-91 bumper? I’m talking about the little pockets on the bumper underneath the bumper turn signals that are covered by a little removable vent thingy. If they made foglights that fit flush into that opening and didn’t look too weird, that would be sweet. Thanks! -viperoni

I found anything “short” ehough will look decent in here. As long as they don’t hang down too much they’ll be fine. From experience, I’d remove the bumper to attach them using some bolts, lock washers, and nuts. MUCH more secure and won’t give you that “wobbling” look that the 2-sided tape does (crap stuff!!!)

I have small round fogs in those exact spots, they fit nicely. Just set them up in the bmper, use pencil to mark their location, and then remove the bumper and pull out the drill to attach them. :slight_smile:


PS: You can laso use the long oval/rectangular-ish shaped ones… they may look a bit better and “fill” more of the pocket than the round fogs will.