Aftermarket header question

So I have one of those CARB legal two piece 4-2-1 DC header on my 91 teg. On the second half of the header, I’ve notice the “down” pipe sticks out past the cross member resulting in a banged up appearance due to a lowered car. It is NOT slammed. Meaning the wheels are not tucked into the fenders.

Would there be another 4-2-1 legal header out there that will sit just slightly behind the cross-member? If there are such thing, I may have to put back my stock header.

Header clearance is something that’s not going to be very good simply because of our cars. To get them to look good you need to lower them quite a bit. My experience is that the DC header actually has pretty good clearance, there may be better out there but most will be worse.

How low are you? Wheels tucked would be CRAZY low, but tires tucked is pretty common. I ran a DC header temporarily for a little while and had maybe 1 finger gap in the front wheel well and I had plenty of clearance. Now, when I ran my JDM 4-1 ITR header I had VERY poor clearance, that thing was terrible. Currently I’m running a PLM TA and clearance is great, probably similar to the DC.

Colin- Id say a one finger gap on all around. I might go ahead and buy another DC header and I’ll make sure I go slow on the speed bumps. That pipe is the first one to get hit if I’m not careful. BTW, do you know if DC is able to sell just the bottom half? Or are they required to sell the whole set? Thanks

I’m not sure about that - but it’d be worth calling them and asking.