Aftermarket LS valve covers

I’m looking for an aftermarket valve cover for my ls head. I’ve seen the Moroso cover- very nice- but don’t have the money for it. I’ve also seen a stock-looking black valve cover but with no honda or anything on it. It was just plain black. If anyone knows where to get this cover, let me know! Any other suggestions would be awesome. I painted mine and now almost a year later, i hate it.

I wouldnt get an aftermarket one. Either a B20 or a B18B valve cover would be cool looking for an LS block. THey’re plain and usually have good paint cause they’re newer then 1990. You can get them alot of places for cheap.

Here’s my OBD2 LS/B20 valve cover. I filled all the grooves, PCV hole, removed all letering, prepped, and painted with VHT wrinkle paint. It wasn’t a quick project, but I’m very happy with the end result:

arw321 - you’re an awesome dude, with always great contributions to threads. But, i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again - i dont like your valve cover. It looks like if i touched it, it would make my skin crawl and i’d puke. =) I’d love it, except for the paint!

arw321, I like the valve cover, it’s something different…

I’d like to see a closer shot of that abs strut bar, what kind is it and how does it mount…

LOL… thanks man, no offense taken. I had no idea a valve cover could have that kind of effect on a person. :slight_smile: I appreciate the honesty. I went with the wrinkle paint to try and imitate a factory finish. Is it the texture you don’t like? Just out of curiousity… I love how it turned out… different strokes for differnet folks i guess.

blk92gsr, to be honest with you, I"m not sure what kind of bar it is… and I’ve never seen anyone with the same one. I bought it off an old friend who rolled his g2 about 5 or 6 years ago. To be honest with you, I don’t really like the look of it all that much.

here is another idea for ya. this is actually for a 3000 gt but the endi result is pretty damn nice. you can also do a gunmetal look instead of the crome.

arw321, your valve cover looks amazing… I love it! :drool:

How exactly did you fill the grooves and PCV hole?

and yes I know this thread is almost a year old :slight_smile:

Wow, talk about bringing a dead thread back to life. :slight_smile:

I actually used autobody filler to fill the grooves and pcv hole. I sealed the PCV hole first with a large bolt, washer and nut. I was concerned that it might crack after going through a few heat cycles but it still looks just as good today.

Any further questions, feel free to ask.


I just bought a b20 VC and I wanted to shave it completely. If I use autobody filler to shave the cover do you think I will be able to powdercoat it?

EDIT: just talked to my powdercoater, can’t do it If I use autobody filler