aftermarket temperature gauge install

okay so i bought an oil pressure & water temp gauge kit and although i know i don’t need it because i have a factory one, i want to so it won’t bug the crap out of me not working lol, i’ve searched and found that the ect sensor is under the distributor, and the sending unit is on the thermostat housing at an angle(is that right?) now i want to keep both factory things in their place for ecu readings and my regular gauge to function, so my question is how would i go about doing that? my guess is to T one of these and then i’m done but which one? thanks

For the O/P a T of the factory sensors would probly be best.

For C/T you could T of of one the many sensors as long as you can get the fittings to do so. Or there are companys that make an addapter where you actually cut your collant hose and hose clamp in a piese that has a bung for a sensor. wish i could point you into the dirrection of one. but:shrug:

maybe someone else can.

As for the coolant temperature, like above, just cut the radiator inlet hose (the hot side) and you’ll have your exact coolant temp available there. For the part, use this:

Just slice, remove a small section and clamp it on.

As for oil pressure, use a remote block fitting, this will bring your factory oil pressure sensor up to the firewall (you’ll need to extend the wires) and allow you to add extra oiling devices, be it temperature, pressure or a turbo feed.

well as for the first option i spent 7 dollars at lowes and got exactly what i needed instead of paying 39?ish or more for that thing from autometer. w00t for diy