Aged tires?

You guys might wanna look at this. I surely didn’t know about this. If this info is common knowledge for you car enthusiasts, forgive me that I didn’t know. I learned something new today. I check my tires and they’re made on the 30th week of 2008.

Whats yours?

Good info… Bimmer tires are good 38th week of 2008.

I think I seen tread fall off a white 95-00 Explorer once when I was coming back from work afew years ago. It was in the opposite direction of the freeway and out of nowhere it slides to the right then to the left and flipped twice.

Good to know, I was unaware of that. Sad story about the kid though.

Thanks for the info man. I had no idea. I’m gonna check mine and post em.

That’s some scary sh!t. :shock: I’m going to go check my tires now. Thanks for the info.

No problem guys. Just looking out.