AGX vs Illumina

I’m trying to decide which shock is better, I’m thinking of maybe a 1.8-2" drop on Neuspeed sports/race. Any input will be helpful.

The only problem with AGX’s is that they’re only available for the front. KYB is related to GAB so they use similar technology.

Oh, I’m using Tokico’s on Neuspeed Race.

Oh, I’m using Tokico’s on Neuspeed Race.

Are you using the Illumina’s with your Neuspeed Race?

how is that combo working out for you?

No, I’m using the Blues. It’s OK for the most part. Do you plan on racing or street? With the Blues, smooth freeway off/on ramps are lots of fun. It’s too soft for autocrossing though so I plan on going with Koni.

Also, if you have a 4-door, the Race springs are too low. The longer wheelbase ensures I scrape over just about everything. When I switch to the Konis, I’m lifting my 5|-|!7 back up a bit.

well i plan on autocrossing sometime in the near future, i’m still a newbie though. I have the 2dr, I would get the Neuspd Sport but the spring rates are only like 33% above stock.

i really want the koni’s too :slight_smile: but its kinda $$$

Let me tell you, there was a guy at the autocross with a stcok 91 Civic Si. He had two things going for him: Koni red shocks (about $80 each) and some good tires.

He ran lap times faster then rear wheel drive Miatas, a CRX with suspension mods and some power mods, a Steeda supercharged Mustang 5.0, and a whole mess of other cars.

I learned that driving skill has a lot more to do with winning then the mods you put on.

If you want to autocross and your cars stock right now, I suggest you go run it as is. Talk to some of the other drivers out there. They’ll even ride with you and give you pointers. You’ll soon learn that simple things like proper tire pressure, driving in the right gear, driving position, can make a bigger difference then thowing $$ into shocks and springs. When you can out drive your stock suspension, then start modifying it.

But for the street, we have very different goals. We want our cars to look cool. Good luck.

Too bad you’re not in Ca, I’d let you check out the Race Springs.

hey thanks alot man …what you say is true, that I probably should go autocrossing right now :slight_smile:
but I will, soon … I really want to learn the skills to ‘turn fast’ hehe…to me thats more fun than just dragging.

anywho, thanks for the info man ! and yes, too bad i aint in Cali, i love the weather there …not to mention In-N-Out haha

Ahhaha, In-N-Out’s a great place to get busted hanging out… :mad:

My brother and I are taking his AV out next week and autocrossing it. Should be a lot of fun. I hope they don’t notice it’s a ZC engine tho :smiley:

Drag sucks because most of the day, you’re sitting around, waiting to make 2 or 3 15-17 second runs…

cheaper at ~79, agx. if youre gonna spend 130+ then might as well go for koni yellows imo. esp. if youre gonna buy a whole set at once.