Ahh!! hate this squeaky noise!!

my 93 teg has this horrible squeaky noise that’s so irritating I want to bomb the car. Whenever I make some turns this occurs.
The faster I turn the faster it sounds, the slower i turn slower squeaks. Seems like coming from the chassis or sounds like some sort of chassis bending or something. Help!!!

I have the same problem on my 92 GS and discovered that its the plate behind your front brakes (just behind your rotors, it helps them ventilate and protects them). I’m gonna just take mine off. Get a friend to push on one to see if it stops. Mine was on the passenger side… so I’m gonna try and fix it or then just take them out. Hope I can help you.:smiley:

Thanks but my sound comes from the back somewhere in the rear fender and the trunk…nothing coming from the front…hmm…

I have the same :evil: squeaking problem which is coming from the trunk area…

I’ve had too much problems with other things on the car but when I get a chance, I’m gonna spray some WD40 all over the area where it could be squeaking from.

Keep us updated if you find a fix!

Did you try putting the tape on the trunk hook/latch? Check the teg tips… I had that horrible squeaking and then I immediately wrapped tape on the latch. Problem solved and don’t think it’ll ever come back!

PSSSH! I have s

PSSSH! I have squeaking too but it sounds like its coming from the rack and peanut (:)) steering. Anybody know any solutions to THAT?

Stew :smiley: