AHH!! Help clutch install....

Well… I got the tranny in now but the thing is when I lift the release lever (the arm that connects to the clutch cable) it feels as smooth as butter.

Is it suppose to be like that? (I don’t think it is) Its suppose to have some pressure right?

I tried to install the clutch cable on and the tranny lets my screw the cable adjuster all the way down…:mad:

Did I do something wrong or are my parts wrong?

Maybe I install the release bearing wrong…

I need help quick… got to smog my car… its overdue

by the way everything is new including bearing and pilot bearing



and there is NO resistance in your clutch cable? there should be some…

There is some resistance in the pedal when I push it with the adjuster screwed all the way down… but you can only feel the resistance in the pedal when it gets half way down.

And I can lift the lever up and it goes back down by itself but its suppose to have much more resistance right?

Are you talking about the lever connected to the tranny? I don’t think you are supposed to be able to pull it up by hand. I know when I changed my clutch, I put the release fork spring on wrong. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until I got everything back together and had to take everything apart again. HTH.

Tenacious DA:

Yes that lever… and thats what I mean by little resistance

I think I have the spring the right way maybe I need to change the spring.

does someone have a pic or a pic helms manual?


maybe i torqued the bolts on the pressure plate wrong?

cause it seems like the release bearing is not touching the pressure plate and thats why the lever feels has such little resistance.

What do you guys think?.. i don’t know what to do… it seem logically impossible that this is happening:( (cause they should touch and have resistance)

Thank guys.

It sounds like to me that you have to much play on the top end of you clutch pedal… ( you should have some but not as much as you say there is) you might need to pull the cable toward you and tighten that plastic screw all the way down, and losen it untill you have little play on the pedal… read the book on that part. ( the screw is right about the lever you cant miss it)… but i could be wrong … if i was ther ei could fix it or if i had some pictures…:read:

Good Luck

That it was I thought. But the spring will fit on several different ways. Hope you got a haynes manual. I had to stare at the diagram for a while before I figured out how the spring was supposed to fit on.