Ahh need help ASAP (car not starting, not common prob))

I went to a club last night and the car drove fine on the way up. Problem is, when I was leaving, the car would not freaking start! I already know about the main fuel relay, ignitor and all that jive but this is’nt one of those problems. With the key in the “On” position all the lights, automatic seatbelt etc work perfectly fine, yet when you turn the key I heard a quick “drumbeat” like clicking coming from under the dash. I tryed one more time and got the clicking plus a foul burnt glue type odor that filled the car. I also saw smoke rising from above the steering column. What the fudge!

This power in the vehicle when I try cranking the car is fine so I know its not the battery. The clicking is not an engine type clicking its an electrical type clicking that sounds like its coming from inside the vehicle. I’m going to go back up there later to see if its a blown fuse or what not but other then that I would have no clue. Any problems known associatted with a foul odor, smoke rising from above the steering column and not starting :confused: I hope the whole ignition setup isnt fried.

try checking all your relays and fuses under your steering column

will do, thats one of the things to check on my list. After doing some searching, could it possibly the starter solenoid or ignition harness? I wish I had pics because I would have no clue what Im looking at after taking off the steering wheels top and bottom panels.

I know you said that the battery is fine, but check to make sure that the terminals (especially the ground) is making good contact with the cable connector. When I had a similar problem with the sound and no start (but electrical all came on), it turned out that the drumbeat sound was the arching of power off of the cable to some other part of my car (looked liked the cai??) because the connector had worn a grove in the terminal and wasn’t making good contact. Maybe this could be happening to you too :think:

Maybe so? But what would explain the smoking coming out of the top panel of the steering wheel? I did go back to my car this morning and checked the fuses and battery contacts. All is well. I went to a Honda dealer this morning and they had mentioned it could be the ignition switch. I took a auto light to the ignition switch and the auto light was lighting up on few of the wires (Im not sure which ones are supposed to or not) so I suppose this is a good sign. Any other suggestions?

sometimes there is a wire on top of the stater that comes out of it and does not turn over and the plug is broke and it comes out not allowing the starter to start my car so sometimes i have to make sure thats in all the way before it starts

um you do realize that this post is from 2004 and the user’s are inactive? :rofl:


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