Ahhh crap....one problem to another- A little help on a harly sounding integra?

ok, ive had this problem before, I got some moisture near the spark plug and it caused it not to fire properly, so I sounded like a harly and had no power. I cleaned itout, dried it and sprayed air in it so everything dries- that fixed the problem. Now today I was driving it home, got off the highway and it started up again. I checked for moisture and nothing, everything seems to be alright, nothing obvious, checked the battery and its fine, then checked alternator, its fine. exhaust is new so that didnt go- what esle should I check for? thanks

Check for exhaust leaks all throughout your exhaust. Start at that headers and go to the cat. My pipes werent tight one time and it started sounding like a Harley.

but its a HUGE bog on the engine too, not just bad sounding exhaust, the exhaust is sounding ike that becuase its the engine firing like that, the car is running like ass.

just delt with the same problem!!! pop off the valve cover and see if any rockers are out of place! its one of those weird things that happens! it happened to me then my friend a few weeks later! if one is out of place u sholud be able to move it back into place without taking the timing belt off the cams! Check it

I had a huge problem with noise and my exhaust. Of course that was because the muffler came loose because the one bolt I had holding it on fell off :rofl:

humm…ill check the valve cover tommorow, but what would be out of the ordinary? what should be different about it

happened to me one time, and i know that sound ur talking about! i got some oil leak in my spark plugs, and i believe to cure that, u’d replace the spark plug grommets. cheap fix, but thats only if ur leaking oil into the cylinder.

Just out of curiosity, when you took off yoru spark plub wires, you didn’t take them off at the distributor cap, did you? If you did, you may want to double check to make sure you have the wires set up in the correct firing order. That’ll cause your car to backfire, bog, not start, and/or sound like crap.

just to update on the situation

baught new plugs, and brand new wires, car still is the same, no change at all.

more ideas please for tommorow when I go to work on it. thanks allot.