Air blows, just not out of any of the vents?

I’ve had this problem for awhile but i was just wondering if there was a easy fix or something under the dash i have to move? When i turn my heat on it gets hot but it just doesn’t blow out of any of the vents? :frowning: Any help would be appreciated or a link to a thread were it was fixed would be nice. Thanks! I have a 91 hatch if that makes any difference!

Does your blower motor sound like its working? Does the sound increase as you turn up the fan speed? Also could be your vent flaps aren’t opening so check the cable to that and hope the flaps aren’t broken… PITA to replace if you haven’t removed the dash before.

I’ve removed 3 dashes as far as integras go, the one out of mine, one out of a 93 and one out of a 92 haha. im pretty capable of removing it, just would like not to if its a easy fix. My blower gets louder at the switch gets turned farther, i jsut dont feel anything comming from the vents. Haven’t since i owned it actually. yhe flaps look open from what i can see i just think the switch to make it blow out of just the vents isn’t connected or the cable came lose some how -_-