Air Condition/Heating vents

Does anyone know how to clean or loosen up the AC/Heat vents. Mine are really stuck and they’re a pain to get the little wheel to turn them in different directions. I’ ve had the car for 3 years and the problem has just began to start. I’ve tried using Liquid Wrench on the vents but it seems it got a little worse.


I just took my insturment panel apart to custom paint it, so I had an upclose look at three of the four vents. The Vert. ones are all inserted into a clip that snaps into the top of the vent body itself. There is a plastic tip on the bottom of the body thats inserted into a channel on the back of the direction wheel. That is really the part that needs to be lubed. When you take off your panel you’ll see. I recommend some graphite powder (hobby shop) because the chem lubes can eat your plastic over time. Same with the Horiz ones, although they are moved by a little plastic stick thing on the right side.

Hope this helps!