Air Conditioning ON & Off Problem..?

For some reason my air condition has been on n off…meaning it will be running freezing cold for a couple of minutes then later it doesnt get cold anymore, more like warm air coming out? What could be the problem for this?Do i need more freon? and what kind of air conditioning do we have? can i jsut go to walmart and get that r134 refill?


if your system has not been retrofitted do not put r134 in there. youre still using old school r12. this r12 refrigerant is more expensive but much more effective and the best part about it is that your car is supposed to use it. find a shop that specializes in a/c repair and they will be able to get the r12 in there for you. my experience with those walmart guages and stuff has not been good and they dont really hook up to the pressure side so its not very accurate. the a/c shop shold be able to fix your problem, and it shouldnt be hard b/c it doesnt sound like you have a leak…

what would be an approximate cost to have the freon put in? My a/c is not blowing cold air anymore and we’re having a fricken heat wave up in the north east. I guess i should have taken care of this a couple weeks ago.

Thanks in advanced.

it should be about 60 bux

Sounds like the system is undercharged.