Air/fuel gauge

My A/F gauge is always reading rich. I’ve never seen it in the lean. inbetween gears it’ll go to stoch. but thats it, then it’ll shoot up back to rich (the last green mark showing only). What could be a problem, if there is any?

Someone that i knew had that same problem…he had a fuel pressure regulator that was on its highest setting …so another words he was getting a lot of fuel therefore he was running really rich and his gauge was always on rich …so i think that u are getting alot of fuel or maybe your 02 sensor might be bad?

Also, depending on what kind of gauge you have, and for how long you’ve had it installed, you may have never calibrated it correctly. The one I ordered has to be calibrated correctly, otherwise it will always read whatever you programmed it to. If its acting unusual I’d look elsewhere like the ignition system or fuel system.