After reading lots on this forum :read: I think I already know the answer to this, But I already got a bagged truck and was wondering if anyone on here has a G2 on air…Cylinders or Bags?

yea, i have a g2 on cylinders. i dont have any pics tho… whats your question??

Just seeing what, if any setups people are running, like what kinda cylinders, valve and line size, compressors etc and where they got it.

4 inch cylinders in the front, 3 inch in the back ,1/2 big red valves,1/2 & 3/8 line , vair 400 compressor, i had a 10 switch box but now im tryin out this wirless remote thing (switches get bitchs lol) i got ALOT of my stuff from awsome place for air ride, and one of the better deals i have been able to find except if anything comes up on ebay. MY personal sug. to you is try to find as much as you can on ebay (except the cylinders!!) like the tank, air line and fittings, even valves, and the compressor, switches buy new. the valves are th most expensive thing out there i got mine for a SUPER GOOD DEAL i paid $250 for a big red setup fbss(i can do it all) and they go for like 700-1500 for them.u might need accumulators and stuff like that depending on how you set it up. sorry i dont have any pics up yet hopefully soon!

Speaking of airbags (I know this is completely unrelated and really belongs in another thread), has anyone ever installed the life-saving sort of airbags in G2 tegs before? I realize it’s a complicated thing to do with the airbag computer and all. Is it at all feasible? It’d be nice to do a safety mod.

Well valves and etc arent a big deal for me, I picked up my SMCs for $10 a peice and I can get Parkers for a little less then that, I was just curious what size you were running and cylinders etc. I got an extra 5 gal tank here and I have 150 foot roll of 1/2 inch air line sitting at my house. Thanks man!

no prob man, with sizes took me almost two weeks just playin with different sizes for different setups. some for speed and some for ride quality.

how’s the handling on those? i like the look but just couldnt justify the sacrifice in handling performance for it.

I cant say for a teg, But for my truck, when you get the air pressure set right it handles like a dream, Alot better then mine handled stock or lower, But then again minitrucks never handled well anyway!

right on. my cousins all had lowered/bagged/cylinder trucks. they handled great for street driving, but i go on the occasional canyon blast and I want to know if changing out my 16 way adjustable teins would benefit or hurt my handling toward that purpose.

like he said when you get pressure right it glides like a dream and corners good but for canyon fun i dunno, it depends on the setup. mine might be able to but not as stiff as yours.even still switches get bitches :whisper:

sorry dont want bitches. i want handling. thick wallets get bitches more than anything anyway.

the reason i ask is because there’s a japanese company trying to market their air ride system as a track setup, and i had never had experience with anyone running air for anything other than to show off.

is it more like an air shock/strut instead of like gas or w/e? not like air ride? any link?

I’ll stick to my custom built double adjustable Konis.

Wtf do I know about suspensions anyway?

you and your EK forks. :down:

(not really interested just trying to be a well-rounded enthusiast and change from my flaming ways)

I don’t know anything about brakes either

i dunno much bout brakes :ot: