AL: 92+ front bumper cover OEM rear slip etc etc

I picked up a project teg a while back and I’m getting it sprayed so I need a few parts. Im willing to pay shipping but I don’t wanna get her painted until I have it all together.

92+ OEM front bumper cover
EK (or DC) sideskirts
OEM optional rear lip
Sunroof cover
LEATHER gsr seats ( I know, a longshot )
Used suspension I.E. GC/koni set up, F2 type 1’s
working interior clock
Type R front lip
some meshies :pupeyes:
Drivers side (DOHC) fender trim
Hatch glass brake light.

I’m willing to pay shipping on all this I just want to save a little money for the “under the hood” plans.

I have the fender trim rear optional lip
N clock i believe 8602024982