Alarm install....

Just wondering how it would work to take my alarm out and put in a new one? Would it “plug and play” so to say if it were the same make? The one I have is an Avital Diablo, so if I were to get another Avital, could I just plug the brain from the new one into the existing wires? And likewise with everything else. Reason I’m wanting to know, I have no remote for the one I have, and am wondering if the price is too high for just the remote, would it be more cost effective to just buy a new system.

It really depends. Some alarm brains from the same company have more wires than another, so the plugs are different sizes. The wire colors will match up to the other one for the most part though. So it will be easier to install.

If in fact it uses the same plug, then most likely it will. I tried this with two different Clifford alarms in my car and it worked fine. Since the Clifford Owned Avital for a long time and now DEI owns both, I’m sure it will be the same for Avital.

You could always call DEI’s tech support and ask them. They might know. Or if you have a local Avital dealer, ask them.

do you possibly have a contact number for them? anything to help would be great.