Alarm key fob. Can't turn off alarm.

I have a chapman car alarm system that came with my teg. Yesterday the key fob stopped working…I added a new battery and cleaned the prongs to make sure it was not a transmitter battery problem. Well, now I can’t start my car. If, while the alarm is blaring away, I try to start the engine, I can still turn on the headlights and blinkers but theres no life from the starter.
My horn is both a little car alarm siren and the car’s own horn. I have a 92 gsr.

Look for button or switch under the dash, it will be the “override” switch, turn ign, on and press button or flick switch, if you can’t find the switch, find the alarm brain and unplug it.:idea:94

Thanks for your help! I went to the car again in the morning. 1) put the ignition to the 2 setting. 2) connected ground to the battery 3) the car’s electrical systems booted up as if the alarm were not set. I didnt even have to push that button.