Alarm Questions...

Ok, im looking into getting an alarm for my teg, but im not sure what options to get, or what i need. I have an RS teg…so i have like power nothing. If i wanted keyless entry, would it be best to buy panels and wiring from another teg, or could i just buy a universal power lock add-on system. Also, if i bought an alarm… i could still use the alarm(and even remote start if i get it) without buying power locks, right?

If you want remote door locks, I recomend adding actuators and having the alarm do it. It will be much cheaper and easier than replacing all the hardware in your doors. Surprisingly my 90 GS came with power everything BUT power door locks. This means I had to add them myself.

For some reason the local shops think it is an installing feat to install actuators. So they charge $100 per door to do it. Maybe I just have a lot of practice, but it really isn’t too hard. My roomates Neon was a pain, but every other vehicle I have done was much easier. So we charge half what everyone else charges. If you are going to have them professionally installed, I would suggest shopping around for the best price.

But you can run an alarm with remote start without keyless with no problems. Too bad you don’t live around us. We have a special on a Prestige keyless/start/alarm for $319 installed right now.

As for other options, it just depends on what you want.

great…thanks for the help.

about those actuators… this is a kit that some guy on the boards sells

Would that be all i need… or more, or even less??

Well the alarm system will act as the “brain”. So all you will need is one two wire actuator per door, bracketry for them, and two relays. But Circuit City charges $20 per actuator, so at $30 for everything it is a good deal.

sweet… looks like im fighting the traffic to circuit city tomorrow…

I would suggest calling around too all the shops. Might as well find the best price. So far the one you linked too is cheaper.

I don’t think that’s a great price…maybe with the “brain” thing
it is…but for two actuators it isn’t.

Bulldog Security sells actuators for $6.85 each + $5.00
total shipping (no matter how much you buy). Plus, from them,
everything is warrantied. Two actuators I bought from them
2 years ago stopped working, and all I did was mail them back
and they sent me two new ones! So for $18.70, I think that’s
a better deal.

EDIT: I think they raised the price a bit, but I still think it’s worth
it because of the warranty.

Buy only Harada actuators. They cost more money but they do not fail as often. The cheaper $3 actuators need constant replacing.

$100 dollars per door is average reasonable rate. With some cars the shops will lose and with some they will win. Running wires through most Honda door looms takes time. You also have to remember that they are costing in replacing the actuators when they go bad and for and for readjusting rods that seem to slip occasionally.

If it was me doing my car, I would buy factory actuators that attach to the latch. With all the cars being parted out in the for sale forum you should be able to find some reasonably priced. You will not need the door panels unless you want to have the factory lock switches.