Alarm troubles; URGENT!!!

I have a Keymaster alarm that the previous owner installed on my Teg. When I tried to reinstall my battery after I installed my head unit, my alarm kept going off. I tried to reconnect the battery with the positive terminal, but to no avail. I located the reset switch for my alarm, but I have no idea what my combination is to reset it. I’ve also tried to turn on the ignition multiple times along with the flipping the reset switch, but that has failed also. I don’t have the alarm’s manual and the company’s website is down. I can’t start my car and this is frustrating. I was told that the brain of the alarm was under the seat somewhere, but I can’t find it. I haven’t found any wires either. I need help!

did you try disarming your alarm once you put the battery cable on? A lot of older alarms…once you reconnect the battery will be in the armed mode and will sound the siren upon battery reconnection. And also it’s more likely that your alarm brain is somewhere under the dash on the drivers side.

yeah, try using the alarm remote to disarm it.

um…for the switch combo, just try 2 and 1.
cause thatz’ the clifford default…try anyting right?