ALB Light

Hi everyone.

The ALB light on my teg is always on. My rotors and pads where completly used. I changed them all and the light is still on. The ALB fluid is okay. Everything seems to be okay but this light is very annoying. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where is the ALB sensor or where’s the problem locate.

Thank you.

On the hub itself… have you changed axles lately? is your abs always running? also check the fuse’s(2) under the hood…if they are burned out the brakes still work fine but the abs will not inititate and the lite will come on

I’d suggest taking a look at the ALB computer. It’ll have an LED on it that will flash a code telling you what exactly the problem is.

in 2dr it’s located behind the passenger side rear interior panel (right beside where the passenger sits) in the Sedan’s it’s behind the trunk paneling on the passenger side as well.

It is likely that your problem is one of the ABS sensors. I too have this problem, but the trouble code keeps changing from front passenger side to front driver side. Honda/Acura mechanic says it is harmless except for the fact that your ABS won’t work, which will affect braking performance but not safety.HTH