Alignment Help!!

My car is a 92 integra LS with Neuspeed Sport springs, stock shocks, “washer” camber kit on the back, and none on the front.

I just took my car to a shop in my hometown to get an alignment. When i picked it up it seemed fine but while driving back to my school (120 miles away) i noticed that it was veering to the right even more than it did before i had it aligned. Before it wasn’t really that noticeable. I got the before and after spec sheet and the toe for both front/rear and they are all within spec and identical left/right. The only thing is the front camber is not identical. the specified range is +/- 1.0 degrees and the left side is -2.5 the right side is -1.9 degrees. anyone know why this is? and could this be the cause of the pulling to the right?? or should it still go straight ahead because the toe is all good? Any input is great. Thanks.


Are you sure you were conducting the test on a straight-flat level road?



it could be your tires are more worn on the inside which is causing the pull. Try rotating the tires.

If I remember correctly, if the negative camber is more on the right, then it should cause your car to veer more to the left, this is assuming the tires are all equal and height is equal. But because the height is equal to begin with and the camber become more negative later, then the right corner is actually sitting a little lower which may cause it to pull right. Don’t quote me on that, again, I’m just vaguely remember here. Try asking some autocrossers, they know all about camber, toe-in…etc.

i forgot to mention above that I have 17" rims with brand new tires, about 3 months, if that makes any difference.