all all JDM Mirror FOlding?

Can someone please let me know I can get a set of JDM mirrors for a good deal from a local shop, but the guy has no idea if they are folding or not.

The car is already stipped and the parts are out… but the place does not know…

I was wondering if all JDM DA (2 door) Mirrors were folding.
I guarantee they are off a JDM DA just not sure…

they have cleared out the frotn ends already and probably have the relay as well as the Switch… I am working on it…

Can someone let me know.
Was there a NON-FOLDING in Japan? It is power foresure.!

Also can someone please post a Nice clean pic of the JDM relay Needed, so I can print it to show the guy. I searched on the site and cannot find anything… please direct me if I you have a link.

I saw an auction on Ebay for “JDM FOLDING MIRRORS”

I emailed the guy, and told him they were USDM RS mirrors, nothing special.

There was only one set of JDM folding mirrors in japan, and those typically were on the XSi model and ZXi, the other models with the powerfolding mirrors escape me right now. they also had RS mirrors in japan, but theyre the same as usdm.

XSi & RSi models have them.

part number

does anyone have a part number on the bottom of the mirror…

or a way to identify if they are folding?

maybe by the number of wires?

Yup xsi fer sure

read this thread

good link