Allmotor EG K20/K24 300whp+ journey

Been a lurker for a bit, figured I would post up what we have been working on. It’s an EG that I co-drive and have helped build. Looking forward to the potential of this car and drag racing. We have built an All-motor street car. Has full interior and glass

Here are the mods:

K20A2 Portflow built head
K24A1 Fully built bottom end 87x99
Carillo A-rods
JE 13.3 Pistons
Hybrid Oil pump
ARP studs
Toda tensioner
Drag Cartel Cam gears
Drag cartel 4.5 cams
Supertech valve train
AEM ems
Mafctory LSD Diff
Hasport mounts
Ktuned shifter
Ktuned harness
Trackforged custom intake mani
Trackforged custom tri y header
Trackforged cat back exhaust
Trackforged built rollcage
Ktuned traction bar
Wilwood drag brakes
Ktuned shift cables
ACT twin disc clutch
Ktuned scatter shield
DSS 2.9 axles
105mm Accufab throttle body
Ktuned Fuel rail
ID 725cc
Aeromotive 340
Ktuned traction bar

These are some of the basic run down of the mods, I will put up more info of the details of mods through out the week.

The beginning

Here is the video


Video from 04/13/13

Finished up at 352whp and 223ft lbs. Had some trouble with dropping 10-15ft lbs right when vtec crossed over. Worked on it a bit and man these cams sure love the cross over at 7k rpms. We are revving out 9500rpms and this weekend will be test runs at the track.

Here is another

Dyno numbers, still a few things to work out.

Before stickers

After stickers

Ready for the track…

Old slicks on for test and tune

Aftermath, pilot bearing came out and started wearing down the splines of this twin disc setup

Pulling transmission, replacing clutch, 2nd gear, and syncros with carbon syncros


Tell John, Nick Baker says Hi.


Tell John, Nick Baker says Hi.[/QUOTE]

Will do, John is awesome…

That’s a nasty all motor build, I love it. Keep up the good work man. In for updates :excite:

Thanks guys, Should have some video from tonights shake down runs and maybe tomorrows test and tune runs…

Damn. That is crazy. I will need to stop by PIR and see it run one weekend.

worse ways to spend a weekend or three. :up:

Not gonna lie.

That’s pretty nice. Good to see someone build a Honda for proper drag racing. Awesome numbers from an awesome build.

Good job, man.