almost over heating at idle

i rigged up my temp gauge and its reading now but at an idle itll almost over heat then ill drive itll go down then up then down…could it be my rig or is this a commin thing? i just put in a dual core 99-00 si rad

Did you properly bleed the cooling system? Its common to have this issue when there is air trapped in the system. Also did you test or replace the thermostat? Is your fan coming on?

Those are the most common issues outside of having leaks. If everything checks out then you may need a pressure test done to ensure the pump is functioning properly.

well i guess i have a leak somewhere i filled it up again and it was stable so could it be the bleading i need to do?

air in the system shouldn’t really cause a loss of coolant. i’d pressurize the system and see if you can find where the leak’s coming from

alright thanks guys