alternating fog lights ???

I’m not sure if this is the correct forum but I was just wondering if i wired the fogs to alternate like in the teg tips , if i can still use the the regular way ? Id like to wire them up like that but don’t want them to be useless except for show only .

they SHOULD still work normally if you do it right

Yes, if you wire them as in the teg tips, they’re gonna work just as normal. They will only alternate when you put the “alternating switch” to the ON position. As long as the “alternating switch” is to the OFF position, your fogs are gonna act like if you never messed with them(like when they were stock)…

If ya got Questions, feel free to e-mail me! (I wrote the teg tip!)

Thanks guys for the help.

Nice teg tip answer :clap:
I’ll let you know if i was able to pull it off , but first things first im tackeling the waterpump and timming belt this afternoon:crazy: :tsk: :rant:

Hehe latyerzz…