alternator possibly going bad?

well heres the story. a few weeks ago i noticed for the first time, my battery light came on while driving. its never done it before so i was just like ehh ok. It kept coming on more often and staying on for longer periods of time. Just the other day it musta been so low, my radio shut off and everything was slow. So i went and got a brand new battery and hoped that was the problem. And today as i got almost to school, my cars idle got low again at a light acting like the new battery was very low.

I do have 2 12" subs that have been running for about 2 years now just fine, and now all the sudden this happens. So Im thinking the alternator is going bad and not charging the battery. Anyone got any other ideas for me or what to do? thanks for any help.


its ur altanator i had the sam problems and i runing over 3000wat stario

almost the only time you will see your battery light come on is when your alt is not recharging your battery.

you need a alternator, good luck, you have to move the driver axle shaft out of the way to drop it down, try to find a used one, much better than a autozone rebuild. search my posts if you want good info on replacing it.

I have one for sale email me if interested

how much is yours for sale? I bought mine for 25 bux, and im sure i can get another one for 20-25 plus shipping

yea i just bought 1 from advanced auto parts for 158 bucks.:pupeyes: i kinda need one right now, and dad says he dont want to mess around with used ones, because i’d just be getting other peoples problems. hmm…i hate spending that much when i could get one off someone on here for a good price, but then again the trust issues and used parts issues. grr…i just hope this one lasts a loooooooooooooooooong time. its lifetime warranty so i guess i could just keep getting free ones there when it goes bad again lol.

lifetime warrenties rock! i think ive exchanged about 12 distributors for obd0 b-series between me and a few people. lol… just think of it as this… for each time you have to warrenty it, divide the price by amount of times exchanged… 189.99 / 12 = $15.83 … lol it will make you happier later down the road…

good luck on the install.

Sounds like your alternator, you could just change the brush of it as i heard from other members here. Just do a search & i think it will save you some cash. :shrug:

Question- For kragan or autozone to test your alternator, do you have to remove the alt for them to test it?

yes sir.